About Law & Blockchain Consultancy

About Law & Blockchain Consultancy

Law and Blockchain Consultancy is a sole proprietorship run by Thijs Maas, with a focus on the legal challenges that arise between (the use of) blockchain technology and the law.

Thijs graduated his LLB in Global Law at Tilburg University with distinction. He thereafter went on to obtain an LLM in International Business Law, which he graduated cum laude. His experience at the corporate law and data tech departments of Allen & Overy and the blockchain department of Holla Advocaten showed him that traditional law firms lack the technical knowledge about distributed ledger technologies to properly service companies working with blockchain.

During his studies he also started writing for publications such as Hackernoon, founded Tilburg University Blockchain Association and started the website LawAndBlockchain.eu, initially with the aim to provide a ‘knowledge hub’ on news and developments regarding blockchain tech and the law. Soon, he found himself advising a number of smaller blockchain startups, which confirmed his hypothesis that there is a mismatch between traditional legal services and the blockchain industry. After this free consultancy started taking up increasing amounts of his time during his studies, he decided to formalize his advisory services into Law And Blockchain Consultancy.

Why Law & Blockchain Consultancy?

Technical expertise

Law & Blockchain firmly believes in the potential of distributed ledger technologies to impact many industries. Especially the issuance of cryptographic tokens is increasingly becoming an additional tool in the fundraising toolkit of startups and SMEs alike. To deal with the legal challenges that arise in connection with blockchain-based innovation, a sound understanding of the underlying technical concepts is required. This is what makes LBC unique.

Direct involvement

Small innovative businesses moreover need to be able to move quickly. Waiting a week or two every time they email their law firms for information poses a substantial problem. LBC builds personal relationships with its clients, with direct communication going via Whatsapp, Telegram or Slack.

Flexible payment methods

For many startups and SMEs, high up-front legal costs are a burden when trying to raise funds. LBC recognizes this and provides its clients with flexibility in terms of payment methods. Whereas traditional legal service providers only bill clients by the hour, we provide the option to reduce hourly rates for a success-based fee.

Perfect alignment

Because LBC takes skin in the game, our incentives are completely aligned with those of our clients. We want to you to succeed as much as you do! Perfect alignment of incentives ensures great quality work, and makes LBC become a part of your team.


Thijs has, over the years, build an extensive network in the crypto space. This network, consisting out of investors, issuance platforms, developers, prominent crypto startups and legal professionals, continuously proves to be of value to both LBC and its clients. For certain legal implementations and solutions, LBC cooperates with larger law firms and notary offices,

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